Graduate students

Mollie Yacano
(Ph.D student, Marine Science)

Anne Smiley
(Ph.D student, Marine Science)

Martina Gonzalez Bertello
(MS student, Env. Sc. & Eng.)

Lab manager

Suzanne Thompson

Piehler lab alumni

Graduate students

Adam Gold (PhD 2020, Environment, Ecology, and Energy Program). “The effects of urbanization on coastal hydrology and biogeochemistry”. Post-doc, UNC IE

Olivia Torano (MS 2018, Environment, Ecology, and Energy Program). “Effects of shallow lake ecosystem state on nutrient dynamics”. Lab Manager, UNC

Kathleen Onorevole (MS 2017, Marine Sciences). “Restoration of estuarine habitats supports changes in N cycling and removal over time”. Environmental Consultant, VA

Luke Dodd (PhD 2015, Marine Sciences). “Aspects of the predator-prey relationships between Crassostrea virginica and several species of crab”.

Caitlin White (MS 2014, Marine Sciences). “Quantifying Coastal Stream Metabolism Across a Gradient of Human Watershed Development”, Post-doc, Oregon St.

Teri O’Meara (PhD 2014, Environmental Sciences and Engineering). “Anthropogenic effects on estuarine shoreline primary productivity and nutrient cycling”. Postdoctoral Researcher, Oak Ridge National Lab

Ashley Smyth (PhD 2013, Marine Sciences). “Alterations in Nitrogen Cycling Resulting From Oyster Mediated Benthic-Pelagic Coupling”. Assistant Professor, University of Florida

Ben Von Korff (MS 2011, Marine Sciences), “Spatial Variability of Denitrification in Tidal Freshwater Rivers”.  Water Quality Specialist, Minnesota State University – Mankato.

Scott Ensign (PhD 2010, Ecology), “The biogeochemistry and ecology of tidal freshwater rivers”. Associate Director, Stroud Center.

Rebecca Schwartz (MS 2010, Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology) “Land Use Affects the Timing and Magnitude of Material Delivery to Headwater Streams in Coastal North Carolina”.  Registered Nurse

Matthew Waters (PhD 2007, Environmental Science and Engineering), “Historic transitions in primary producer communities in eastern North Carolina lakes”, Assistant Professor, Auburn University

Sara McMillan (PhD 2007, Environmental Sciences and Engineering), “Influence of hydrology and denitrification on nutrient dynamics in coastal headwater streams”, (Co-advisor), Associate Professor, Purdue University


Lindsay Dubbs (2010-2012), Assistant Director Albemarle Ecological Field Site
Dina Leech (2007-2009), Associate Professor, Longwood State University
Melisa Wong (2005-2007), Environment Canada


Eric von Amsberg (2019-)
Peggy Mullin (2018)
Alexis Racioppi (2017)
Hannah West (2016)
Maddie Denton (2015)
Abbey Vinson (2015)
Joseph Gould (2015)
Laura Dobroski (2014)
Dylan Catlett (2013)
Riley Brady (2013)
Adam Gold (2013)
Lisa Couper (2012-13)
Kathryn Meyer (2012)
Nicole Poletto (2011)
Audrey Crockett (2011)
Charles Scaife (2010)
Kate Walsh (2010)
Kaylyn Siporin (2009-10)
Emily Nurminen (2008)
Tim Albrecht (2008)
Lisa Kirkley (2007)
Whitney Jenkins (2007)
Ashley Smyth (2006)
Valerie Brock (2005)
Karen Fisher (2005)
Laura Stephenson (2004-08)

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